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Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid numbers should be available at the time of admission. Names, addresses and phone numbers of persons to notify in emergency situations are also required. Power of Attorney documents for healthcare and/or financial, and/or living wills are also needed.

A contract, required by state law, between Harbor Crest and the resident, will be given to the resident or representative upon admission and must be signed by the resident or his/her representative on that day.

The new resident will begin an orientation and adjustment period, during which time the staff will assist in helping him/her become acquainted with Harbor Crest. If at any time during or after the orientation period, the relationship between the resident and Harbor Crest is incompatible, the situation will be discussed fully with the resident and/or his/her family. If attempts to find a solution are unsuccessful, we will assist the resident and family in finding appropriate placement elsewhere.

The state of Illinois requires that a pre-screening must be completed for residents 60 years of age or older entering a nursing facility. In this region, Lutheran Social Services of Illinois conducts the screening. Harbor Crest will make all necessary arrangements. If a resident is admitted from an out-of-state hospital or emergency room out-patient, a post-screening is required within 15 days after admission.

Each resident of Harbor Crest must be an individual whose physical and emotional needs can adequately be provided for by the services available at Harbor Crest. The resident's physician must verify that an Intermediate Care Facility is appropriate for his/her care.

Upon admission to Harbor Crest, residents are required by the law to have a physical examination, TB screening, and doctor's orders. If the new resident is being transferred from a hospital or another nursing facility, current medical records can be substituted for the physical examination.

Resident rooms are adequately furnished. A personal chair may be exchanged for the one in the room, providing it meets fire regulations. A portable television, radio and other small personal items are permissible as space allows. Harbor Crest reserves the right to deny inappropriate or an excessive number of personal items in resident rooms.

Personal Belongings

Clothes may be brought for the resident as space allows. At least two robes and two sweaters are recommended. All clothes must be machine washable. Upon admission and anytime thereafter, notify the nursing department when clothes are brought in, to be sure all items are marked permanently with owner's name.

It is not necessary that residents have available cash in their rooms. A personal funds account may be set up at the business office, and residents may deposit or withdraw their money during regular business hours.

Residents Leaving the Premises

When a resident leaves the premises, we ask that he/she sign out at the nurses' station. Overnight visits require a doctor's order. Family and friends may visit at any time, either in the resident's room or in one of the several seating areas located throughout the building.

Room Changes

We place our residents according to the level of care required. Residents in double rooms are not always compatible with each other. We will make changes when appropriate and possible. We reserve the right to make room changes when deemed necessary, due to a change in level of care or roommate incompatibility.

The adjustments necessary to living in a nursing home are not always easily accepted. If problems do arise, we ask that you let us know, so we can work with you for the best possible solutions. The Social Services Director is available to work with you on any issues that may arise during your stay.

Harbor Crest Home provides services to all persons without regard to race, national origin, or age. The same services are provided to all residents, with no distinction in eligibility for these services. EOE.

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